Peak Technology Capabilities

Peak Technology Enterprises, Inc. is committed to producing cost effective and time saving solutions for our customers. At Peak we excel in custom manufacturing, specializing in manufacturing and assembly of complex plastic and metal components for the medical, semiconductor and food process equipment industries.

CNC Machining of Plastic and Metal

Our CNC machining department is competitive by being well equipped with the latest CNC machining equipment and experienced personnel. Our CNC machining centers are totally enclosed in a custom-built temperature controlled environment. We are able to maintain high tolerances on plastic materials with high compression and expansion properties.

Thermal Expansion Coefficients

Our staff has a combined experience in excess of 697 years in the trade and our CNC machining department has the capability to produce complex, high tolerance, finished goods from ferrous, non-ferrous and synthetic materials. Our machines are maintained to factory specs and hold tolerances to +/- .0001". We can accept STEP, IGES, STP and SAT files.

CNC Routing

We feature two production routers for high precision CNC routing with tolerances as close as .002 and we are able to process sheet/plate up to 240" long X 10" thick X 48" wide.

Plastic Vacuum & Pressure Forming

Parts sizes 72" long X 30" deep X 48" wide can be accomplished on our newest, state-of-the art vacuum-pressure forming machinery. Because of our thirty years of experience in the industry, we have the subject matter expertise and mold making capabilities to build fixtures and molds of any type in house. Our machining and staff expertise permit us to perform sophisticated custom 3D mold production.

In-House Manufacturing of Tooling, Molds & Fixtures

We produce our own tools, molds and fixtures, in house, for any special feature or part detail.

Precision Plastic and Metal Fabrication

Plastic fabrication from materials of various types, such as CPVC, ABS, VESPEL, among many others, are built to spec to meet your requirements. Metal fabrication of all shapes and sizes and different materials, such as aluminum, stainless and steel, are custom fabricated in our job shop, per your specifications. Custom fabrication of new parts can be manufactured or modified as needed. One part or 10,000 is manageable through our application of lean manufacturing practices.

Certified Plastic Welding

Our fabricators are well versed in the art and science of plastic welding. Our certified welders can work with the following materials, and more: PVC, CPVC, POLYPROPYLENE, POLYETHYLENE, ABS, KYNAR, NYLON, and PVDC. Peak performs extensive leak testing in-house.

Hot and Cold Custom Bending

Custom built machinery designed in-house, allows us to "heat bend" materials to very close tolerances with minimized stressed. Cold forming allows us to bend certain materials to very close tolerances with minimal distortion.

Flame, Vapor and Solvent Polishing

Flame polishing uses extreme heat applied to the area to be enhanced to produce an optically clear finish. Vapor polishing may require the parts to be sanded and cleaned in preparation for polishing with chemical vapor. Solvent polishing uses chemicals applied to the surface to be polished, bringing out the luster of the base material.

Value Added Assembly and Test

We perform all assembly work, from simple to complex, on-site in a controlled environment with 100-percent test/validation.

Complete Quality Assurance and Quality Control

All jobs follow three-iterations of checking as they move through our value-adding process. A qualified QA representative will document the status of your part and verify a good result before your parts are moved to final packaging and shipment.

Peak Technology Enterprises, Inc. is continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System to ensure we provide our customers with machined and fabricated products to meet and exceed their expectations.

On-site Cleanroom Packaging

Peak has an on-site class 100 cleanroom with nitrogen purge capabilities.

What Our Clients Say

On many occasions, we've had Peak Technology perform difficult projects, and Peak has always exceeded our expectations… Their turnaround time has always delivered as promised. Overall, I would recommend Peak Technology Enterprises Inc. to anyone.

Ty Ho, Outside Process