Quality at Peak Technology

Peak Technology Enterprises, Inc. is continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System to ensure we provide our customers with machined and fabricated products to meet or exceed their expectations.

Peak is committed to the highest standards of quality to all processes at all levels and in meeting our customer’s specifications and needs. Peak believes quality goes beyond just meeting and building "per spec", it also includes, cost-effective solutions, on-time deliveries and outstanding customer service.

Test Labs and Control

  • Wide range of quality inspection tools.
  • Third-party Certified Calibration of all measuring devices used in manufacturing.
  • State of the art programmable CMM.

Quality Standard

Each of our employees knows that their personal success is related to customer satisfaction, mistakes are the enemy! We are committed to producing quality products. Peak institutionalized a Total Quality Program to ensure that every part we build and ship meets all customer requirements.

Our Quality Assurance staff is trained in utilizing a wide range of computerized and conventional testing equipment. Work in-process and final inspections are performed on all parts. All parts are fabricated using standardized operational procedures conforming to per spec dimensions, verified at every step in the value adding process.

Our database management system is fully integrated with real time input. Peak’s quality team ability to track part history and work-in-progress allows our quality team to take a proactive approach to meet our customers’ requirements and expectations.

Complete Quality Assurance and Quality Control

All jobs follow three-iterations of checking as they move through our value-adding process. A qualified QA representative will document the status of your part and verify a good result before your parts are moved to final packaging and shipment.


What Our Clients Say

We are extremely happy with Peak as a supplier and have appreciated the engineering and manufacturing support we have received, and continue to receive on our projects and products. They have been a great resource for engineering to call on for ideas and conceptual samples as questions regarding design for manufacturability arise. Peak has been willing to put in the extra effort to meet our compressed production schedules and have always been extremely quick to respond with onsite support to keep our production floor flowing. There is no question that Peak stands behind their work and will do what they can to support us!

Ken Provancha, Mechanical Engineer, CVD