In 1969 Peak Technology Enterprises
was born and still going strong today!

Buster Woo moved his family to California from Hawaii when current CEO, Sharon Woo, was just 12 years old to provide better medical care for his wife. There were seven in total, and Buster, a real estate broker in Hawaii, was the family’s only source of income. Not having a real estate license in California, Buster went to work at a plastics company to support his family. There was little money for anything outside of the necessities, so Buster and his wife would pile everyone into the family vehicle every weekend to go and buy small tropical fish. They kept plastic bowls filled with guppies and neon fish on the wooden picnic table in the small three-bedroom apartment in Daly City where they lived. After Buster’s shift was over at night, he would make small fish tanks out of scrap plastic to replace our plastic bowls. They were beautiful, with the corners bent with a large radius so the small fish swimming around the tank could always be seen. Without Buster’s knowledge, his wife would take the tanks to all the fish stores they frequented, and they loved them! In 1969, what was eventually to become Peak Technology Enterprises, was born, making fish tanks distributed all over the United States

Since Buster’s retirement in 1999, Peak has been under the stewardship of his daughter, Sharon Woo. He has been gone since 2000, and fish tanks have not been part of the inventory for many years. Peak has grown through the years, expanding into plastic pressure forming, machining and metal fabrication, while focusing on improving internal processes, methods, and infrastructure. We continue to invest in the most advanced technology available for supporting customer service and manufacturing excellence.

At Peak, we are passionate about solving problems! From determining how best to integrate new technology to finding the right solutions to ease our customers’ lives, we always strive to be better!

In the last James Bond movie filmed with Sean Connery and Jill St. John, Peak Technology Enterprises made the large acrylic fish tank bed featured in “Diamonds Are Forever” and installed it on set!